Who We Are

At Saiva System India, our sole mission is to use a talent-centric approach for effective recruitment. We’re here to connect your business with people who love their work, believe in your company’s goals, and belong in your team. Whether you are facing concerns with your recruiting process or are looking for the right recruitment partner, we can easily connect your business to hard-to-find and highly sought-after candidates from different parts of the nation. We are constantly recruiting for a broad range of industries and supplying the ideal candidates for permanent as well as temporary roles. Our clients are assured of our constant dedication to provide professional recruitment services and maintain the highest standards while adhering to the set Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Always Offering More With Our Bespoke Recruitment Services

Our specialized recruitment services include Permanent Recruitment, RPO services, Contractual Staffing, IT Staffing, Executive Search, Headhunting, and Talent Acquisition. The quality and on-time delivery of these services have made us one of the leading recruitment agencies in the country. Over the years we have catered to multiple industries operating in India, like IT, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, FMCG, Real Estate and many more. With the help of our robust and tailored recruitment services, you can focus on dominating your respective industry and leave hiring to us. Our professional recruiters have built up extensive knowledge in various sectors and know the local as well as national job markets inside out. This has helped us to connect your business with top talents who can transform your business and help you grow faster while being more profitable.

Clients & Candidates Equally Trust Us

Our relationship with all our clients and candidates is built on trust and respect which is mutual in nature. For employers, we greatly understand that your employees are your greatest and most expensive asset. That’s why we’re always committed to finding you the right employees in a seamless manner, not just filling an empty seat. We are constantly in touch with a broad network of potential candidates who are willing to start a new job immediately.

For candidates, we can find you the ideal job in which you can fully deploy your skills and competences at an employer that suits your profile. Our experienced recruitment consultants will launch your career by helping you evolve and follow your ambitions. We have partnered with top businesses that are looking to hire creative and skilled talents like you.

Why Choose Us?

We Have A Broad Talent Pool

Over the years we have developed an enormous talent pool consisting of both active as well as passive candidates. This ensures that our recruitment team has the best talent options to offer to every single employer that approaches us. Our broad network ensures that only the top-notch candidates get to be a part of your thriving business.

We Have A Team Of Skilled Recruiters

Over the years, our recruiters have honed their skills and have developed attributes of patience, creativity, and empathy which sets them apart from the rest. The synergy among our team members is incomparable. Together we make sure that the right candidate is presented with the right job opportunity at the right time. You can rely on us for getting the job done.

We Love Recruitment

More than anything else, our team is extremely passionate about recruitment. No job can be done in an appealing manner unless we put our souls into it. The fact that we can offer candidates with the right job opportunity gives us a sense of satisfaction which cannot be compared to anything else. We are changing how businesses hire, be a part of this change.