The very idea of recruitment can give most hiring managers and business leaders a nightmare. For any business, talent sourcing is an ongoing process and requires great attention to detail. The competition to hire and retain talent is at its peak, making it difficult to source top-tier talent. On top of that, in order to streamline your hiring process, you need to focus on candidate experience and team collaboration. The year 2020 will be full of such recruitment challenges, however, every challenge also has a relevant solution. Here is a list of top 5 challenges and how your business can attempt to solve them in the most amazing way.

Challenge 1: Increasing Competition For Talent

The rising competition for talent never seems to come to a halt even during times of economic depression. Businesses are always on the verge of losing their talented employees to close competitors and are in turn unable to find the desired employees to fill open positions. This scarcity of talent has created a business scenario that is marked by intense pressure of hiring and retaining the right employees. Most established private sector companies do not have to worry about new projects as much as they have to worry about talent sourcing. Most business leaders would therefore, agree that this increasing competition for talent is the biggest recruitment challenge in the year 2020.

The Solution:

Let's face it, the competition to hire talent is only going to increase as we move ahead in time. As a business, you need to understand that the best candidates aren’t always looking for a job change or job switch. They are passive job seekers who might show interest if the right job opportunity is presented to them at the right time. Partnering with a recruitment agency that has a wider reach can prove to be a fruitful business decision. They can proactively source the candidates you need to develop your business team.

Challenge 2: Slow Hiring Speed

Recruitment is not a single day job, however, an incredibly slow hiring process can lead to hiring inefficiency and increase your chances of making bad hires. Hiring strategies must be prepared beforehand after understanding the expectations of a job profile. Due to your slow hiring process you can miss out on the chance of tapping into some exceptional candidates. No wonder that candidates are dropping out of your slow recruitment process as they’re willingly accepting job offers elsewhere. No matter how big your company is and no matter what all perks you are providing to your candidates, if you do not speed up your hiring process, your competitors would be more than happy to hire them.

The Solution:

Contemporary recruitment has become quite advanced compared to traditional recruitment processes. Your business must look to partner with a recruitment consultant that utilizes modern technology to boost the hiring process and the productivity of its in-house recruiters. The recruitment firms have a strong network and can be constantly seen cementing their presence on the leading social media platforms. Companies that have partnered with a recruitment agency have witnessed a 2x decrease in time spent in hiring and a 2x increase in interview scheduling. Increased hiring speed would result in improved operations and in meeting the manpower requirements of a growing business.

Challenge 3: Reduced Focus On Core Competencies

Recruitment can distract the most diligent and sincere business leaders from their core-competencies of product research, development, sales, marketing, etc. An open job position can hit your desk, and you’re required to fill that role quickly to ensure smooth operations. Or your business learns about a strategic growth initiative a little too late to develop and implement a structured recruitment plan. As a result, your business can stand the chance of missing your growth goals as well as sales targets. In today's fiercely competitive business scenario, devoting too much time to a non-core function like recruitment can divert your focus from your core business functions.

The Solution:

Like we discussed, managing all recruitment activities like sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, onboarding, etc. can shift your focus away from the core competencies. It is important to understand that as a business you have limited time, money, and other relevant resources. The best option is such cases is to hire an experienced recruitment agency that will manage your entire recruitment process on your behalf. This will provide you with ample time to focus on key areas and improve your decision-making process. The ideal recruitment partner can help you put together a forward-thinking recruitment plan, so you can efficiently source, hire and nurture talent.

Challenge 4: Poor Candidate Experience

Your business spends so much time on the day to day tasks that you forget focusing enough on your candidate experience. The experience you provide to your potential as well as hired candidates can decide the future of your business. Due to a bad or negative experience, talented candidates can drop out of your hiring process and decline your offers. This will negatively affect your employer brand and push you back to square one in your search for talent. This is a clear indication that the value and attention you need to provide to every candidate is simply missing.

The Solution:

Improving the candidate experience should always be high on the agenda of every Human Resource Department. A positive candidate experience can be seen as an impactful marketing tool, that can drive further candidate referrals and can enhance your employer brand even if the applicants aren’t hired by your business. Getting the candidate experience right every single time helps to drive a sense of loyalty that isn’t easily achievable in other forms of interactions. Improving the existing candidate experience is a process that involves small improvements and is marked by intense gains. In simpler terms, it is more like compound interest that ends up making a massive difference over the course of time.

Challenge 5: Recruitment Collaboration

The recruitment process cannot be done by a single person and requires the collaboration of hiring managers, in-house recruiters, candidates, recruitment agencies, etc. More often than not we find the synergy missing between the hiring managers and the recruiters. This can significantly give rise to certain complications and miss understandings than can bring the entire hiring process to a halt. In most cases, there is an evident gap between the demands of hiring managers and between the candidates that are sourced and presented to them by the in-house recruiters. Such differences can prevent your business from taking crucial hiring decisions.

The Solution:

The right recruitment partner can resolve all these differences and help to get the rest of your company on-board. An experienced recruitment agency can help to bridge this ever-increasing gap between employers and potential job seekers. The recruiters and recruitment managers of an agency display great professionalism and can develop a better understanding of the requirements of your hiring managers. They diligently go through each and every job description and specifications, allowing them to spot and hire the ideal candidates for your open job positions. This business partnership is bound to improve your recruitment operations by ensuring improved team collaboration.

Posted on : 09 December, 2019