Every business, no matter if they are a start-up that has just started operations or a Fortune 500 company, has to consider hiring a recruiter, HR professional or a recruitment agency to seek assistance with the hiring needs. For such companies, it becomes all the more important to consider certain factors when pinpointing which professional or recruitment agency to go for. The businesses must look for key habits that successful recruitment professionals have that sets them apart from others. In addition to this, if you are considering a career as a recruiter with an agency or an organization, there are a number of attributes and experiences that are must-haves and will lead you to a very successful career path, filled with growth opportunities. Let us look at 6 habits that are shared by most successful recruiters and how they positively impact the world of recruitment.

They Respond To Every Call & Email In A Timely Manner

An attribute that separates successful recruiters from not so successful ones is that the former always strives to value each and every communication that they receive or make. Almost all professionals belonging to different business industries have encountered situations where their call list or email inbox has generated inquiries that they would rather ignore. As a recruiter, you are bound to receive tonnes of messages from hiring managers, business leaders, potential candidates, existing employees, business partners, etc. Let's accept it, not every single message demands proper attention or a subsequent reply from your end. A successful recruitment professional never misses a call and goes through each and every email inquiry on a priority basis. The irony is that most recruiters themselves hate when a candidate or an employer ignores their call. Therefore, in order to mark your professionalism and keep a smooth flow of interaction, responding to every single call and message is of utmost importance.

They Devote Maximum Time To Recruitment

The pressure of recruitment can get heavy during certain times of the year compared to other periods. Job seekers are most active during the start of the fiscal year when they are looking for their next big opportunity, one that offers a better salary and presumably a positive work-life balance. In such an environment that is marked by intense sourcing, screening of resumes, interviewing, and a tsunami of emails, the life of recruiters can get challenging. No wonder that even the most renowned recruitment experts would feel distracted and find it difficult to focus on recruitment. The truly successful recruiters can successfully manage this balancing act of avoiding unnecessary tasks and devoting ample time towards recruiting the right professionals. Usually, your success or failure in the process of recruitment will be evident by how much time you spend on your core activity of hiring the ideal talents.

They Quickly Adapt To The Latest Recruitment Trends

There is no doubt that contemporary recruitment practices are quite different from traditional recruitment practices. The recruitment portals or websites that existed a few years back have lost their popularity to the latest ones that make the maximum use of technology. This evolution of the hiring practices with the advent of innovation in communication and social media integration is undeniable. In simpler terms, the latest and best methods for recruiting top candidates seem to change on a regular basis. As a dedicated recruitment professional, you need to ask yourself from time to time if you are adopting the latest recruiting methods and whether your existing practices need enhancement. Being aware and well versed with the latest hiring trends and practices can help you stay a step ahead of other recruiters operating in the job market. However, no matter how much technology takes over this process, there still is no substitute for calls and face to face interactions for establishing strong and long-term relationships with both employers and candidates.

They Never Stop Networking To Expand Their Circle

Networking is rarely at the top of the priority list of most professionals, perhaps it is also that role that often gets played down due to procrastination. The process of networking requires adequate research, planning, time and can sometimes prove to be draining if you have an introvert personality. The recruiters of a recruitment agency, never undervalue the power of networking and can always be seen interacting with potential clients and prospective job seekers. It’s definitely a fruitful practice to devote a major chunk of your time and efforts to networking with other liked minded professionals. Smart recruiters are well aware that their clients can shift to other recruiters in a short span of time. The most successful recruitment professionals can be seen initiating cold calls to new employers as well as new candidates. This practice of networking will ensure that you keep growing as a recruiter and meet new and amazing professionals from time to time.

They Work Hard To Maintain Their Reputation

The basic psychology behind building a strong reputation is somewhat similar to the popular concept of reward and punishment. As a recruiter, if you do great things, stand by your words and if you are an individual of good character, you will be able to develop a good reputation and vice versa. Successful recruitment professionals refrain from making a decision today that will negatively impact their business reputation tomorrow. They also refrain from making any false promises to their colleagues, managers, business partners, employers, and candidates. The process of recruitment can sometimes feel like a thankless career, where you keep making cold calls and line up multiple candidates only to witness that none of them have been shortlisted. As a recruiter, you are going to have both good and bad days and your efforts will be infrequently recognized. An outstanding recruiter will always communicate and initiate business decisions that will positively impact his reputation in the market.

They Possess A “Never Give Up” Attitude

Recruitment can be challenging like sales, where the recruiters often have set targets and irregular work timings. Most successful recruitment experts have a habit of never getting complacent with a pipeline of 2-3 potential candidates. They can always be seen hungry for adopting better ways to keep the candidate pipeline and talent pool full. All the efforts of recruiters can go in vain untill a candidate is hired by an employer and shows up for his/her first day of work. It’s always better to have more candidates lined up instead of having to rely on a few as it significantly increases the probability of a candidate being hired and the position being closed. As a recruiter, you are bound to see your candidates being rejected and sometimes they might not even turn up for an interview. This only means that you must put more effort into recruitment and always be on your toes when it comes to finding the right talent for an organization.

Posted on : 09 December, 2019