According to recent studies and surveys conducted across the globe, it costs nearly 20 percent of an employee's salary to replace him or her. If your esteemed business has a high turnover of staff members, then this figure can prove to be very costly for your company. You can attract the best candidates for your open job positions if you lookout for a few common pitfalls and try hard to avoid them. Availing the right recruitment services from an experienced recruitment agency can help your business in avoiding most of such crucial recruitment mistakes. You can easily rely on an experienced recruitment consultant as they avoid making bad hires with the help of their vast experience and industry knowledge. In this article, we explore the top 9 recruitment mistakes, and how you can successfully avoid making them.

Mistake 1: Not Developing An Accurate Job Description

It is extremely important for every business to describe the job openings accurately and honestly in their job posts. If you don't, you are less likely to attract and hire the desired candidates with the qualities and abilities that you're looking for. A decent job description is more than a simple list of roles and key responsibility areas (KRA). The job descriptions which are prepared by a recruitment consultant, not only list all major roles and responsibilities but also provide the necessary details about employer expectations, company goals, policies, and several other things relevant to the profile.

Mistake 2: Avoiding Internal Recruitment

Sometimes the best candidates a company is looking to hire can be right within its own team. Especially when a business is looking to hire for leadership positions, hiring from within can prove to be a cost-effective solution. A business that is looking to cut costs and save time associated with recruitment, filling the open job positions internally can be the best option. In addition to this, an existing employee will be familiar with the operational processes, team members, values and mission of a business. No wonder that the internally appointed employee will easily adjust to the new role more quickly as compared to the newly hired employee.

Mistake 3: Over Dependence On Candidate Interviewing

Some hiring managers only use the interview process to evaluate the potential job applicants who wish to work for the them. Sometimes interviews alone are not sufficient especially when your business is looking to hire for crucial IT profiles like software engineers, web developers, data scientists, networking specialists, cloud engineers, etc. IT recruitment agencies have the experience of conducting several technical rounds and tests to better evaluate and judge the skills of IT professionals. This significantly helps a business reduce the chances of making a bad hire and improves the overall quality of recruitment.

Mistake 4: Unconscious Bias In Recruitment

We all have been victims of unconscious bias at some or the other point of time. However, when it comes to the professional world and more specifically when we talk about recruitment, the presence of bias can prove to be fatal for a business. Some hiring managers may unknowingly discriminate against certain candidates in favor of those candidates who share similar cultural backgrounds, social class, ethnicity, age, or in some cases even gender. The presence of such bias can prevent an organization from establishing and maintaining a positive and fair recruitment process. The same organization can possibly miss out on extremely talented professionals due to the prevailing bias recruitment practices.

Mistake 5: Hiring Less Qualified People

Some hiring managers are reluctant about recruiting or hiring those candidates who might display more confidence, potential or talent then they themselves have. The major reason for this is that they feel that the candidate may be a potential threat to their management position within a company. However, not all managers or team leaders are the same in this particular respect. Some smart managers know that they need bright people to share their valuable inputs as well as insights and bring their strengths to the team. Recruitment agencies ensure that this kind of mistakes do not hamper the recruitment process of their business clients.

Mistake 6: Keep Waiting For The Perfect Candidate

Most employers make this common recruitment mistake when they look for perfection while hiring the right candidates. They need to understand that a perfect candidate is a myth and waiting for such a candidate can eventually do more harm than any good in terms of business growth and productivity. Most employers or human resource professionals may have a picture of the ideal employee in their mind but, as they wait for him to appear, they may be jeopardizing the team's productivity by keeping it understaffed for a great amount of time.

Mistake 7: Hiring Professionals In A Hurry

Successful companies realize that recruitment is a time-consuming process and requires attention to detail. Hiring the ideal talents for the right jobs is not a single day job and may require several days to weeks depending on the seniority of the job position. Taking informed hiring decisions takes time and the use of the right recruitment strategies have always led to improved decision making. In case, a business is not able to close a job position within the desired time period, it must look to partner with a recruitment consultant. If required, a recruitment agency can arrange for a freelancer or external contractor to cover the role until the right person has been successfully hired.

Mistake 8: Relying Too Much On The References

If a business puts complete faith in the resume presented by an employee then it is only making a fool of itself. In most cases it is great to trust the information and details mentioned on a candidate’s resume, however, at the same time, it is important to verify such details from as many sources as possible. According to the recent surveys, around 35% of employees agree that they have lied on their resume during some stage of their career. So, while the job applicants might have listed supreme experience and qualifications, a business must attempt to check some of the details they've provided. The best way to find out if a candidate truly deserves a role is by making him go through relevant tests.

Mistake 9: Expecting Too Much From A New Hire

Usually, it takes a newly hired employee about two to three months to become fully integrated into the team and to begin producing the expected results. Expecting too much from them too soon can increase the pressure or workload on them and might hamper their productivity. It's understandable that your business wants them to start working right from the first day, especially when the position has been vacant for a while or if the hiring process has taken a long time. Recruitment agencies can prove to be of great help here as they practice strategies for proper talent engagement. They ensure that each and every new employee can get the chance to better interact with other employees as well as the management members.

Posted on : 29 November, 2019