Consumer Durable Industry In India

The consumer durable industry in India is valued at over $10 billion as per the latest government publications. This industry is expected to grow rapidly to $20.6 billion by 2020 and become the fifth largest consumer durables sector in the world by 2025. More than two-thirds of India’s consumer durable goods are presently sold in urban markets compared to rural parts of the country. The rise in per capita income and the overall improvement in the standard of living has given great incentives for the consumer durable industry to grow and expand their business globally. The consumer durable industry includes heavy goods such as refrigerators, washing machines, furniture, etc. that are expected to be durable and last at least 3-4 years.

The popularity of e-commerce platforms like,, etc. have revolutionized the entire consumer durables industry. E-commerce sites have impacted sales positively as they offer an unbeatable and comfortable online shopping experience. They offer a wide range of electronics including televisions, laptops, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and many more. The rising competition among global giants has also improved the variety of products that are available at lower prices. In a market that is constantly growing and evolving, companies have come to depend on the best recruitment agencies to meet their hiring requirements.

Role Of Recruitment Agencies In The Consumer Durables Sector

The role of consumer durables recruiters has been quite impactful in hiring expert professionals to meet the ever-increasing staffing demand of this sector. Such recruitment agencies have strived to help consumer durable manufacturers with their talent requirements. They have worked with global leaders belonging to this growing sector and have helped them strengthen their entire recruitment process. Right from hiring expert mechanical engineers to highly skilled sales professionals, the staffing agencies have all the required solutions.

The consumer durables industry has prominent leaders who are highly focused on achieving long term business goals and at the same time are also required to take key hiring decisions. However, focussing too much on hiring can shift their focus from business growth and development. The reputed executive search firms have the desired experience of working with emerging and well-acclaimed businesses and meeting their hiring requirements. The in-house recruiters of an agency have worked with many businesses pertaining to the same industry before to help them with their search for astounding talents.


Saiva System India: A Multifaceted Leader Among Consumer Durable Staffing Agencies

At Saiva System India we understand how fiercely competitive this marketplace is and there is a continual need to remain at the forefront when it comes to hiring the right professionals. Our professional and dedicated recruiters have recruited at every level within the consumer goods industry on behalf of some of the industry’s leading consumer durable brands based in the country. Our leaders have developed one of the strongest networks and databases within this ever-growing sector. So if your business is seeking the right recruitment partner that truly understands your market, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can assist you in your present and future manpower requirements.