FMCG Industry In India

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector happens to be the fourth largest sector of the Indian Economy. This industry includes various segments and sub-segments including food and beverages, healthcare, household, and personal care, etc. The FMCG sector has almost doubled in size in the last decade and has been a significant contributor to India’s annual GDP. Fast-moving consumer goods typically carry shorter shelf lives in retail stores and are bought for everyday regular consumption. These everyday products are bound to sell based on the principles of customer loyalty and this makes it immensely difficult for a new business to enter the market or acquire new customers.

The increase in demand for quality goods and services is evident in both rural as well as urban areas of India. In order to meet this ever-increasing demand, FMCG companies have invested heavily in improving distribution channels and reducing costs. They are also heavily depended on their workforce for proper allocation, production, distribution, and marketing of their goods. However, hiring the right team of professionals requires allocating the right resources including both time and money. FMCG recruitment agencies have gained tremendous popularity in the last couple of years and have emerged as crucial recruitment partners.


The Role Of FMCG Recruitment Consultants In Talent Sourcing

The role of FMCG recruitment consultants has been transparent, noticeable and highly impactful for this sector. Such agencies have strived to help emerging as well as established FMCG companies with their talent requirements. The FMCG placement consultants have worked with global leaders belonging to the food and beverage sector and have helped them strengthen their entire recruitment process. Right from hiring sales managers to highly skilled supply chain management professionals, the staffing agencies have been keen to offer all the required solutions.

The positive change in consumerism, brand awareness, and lifestyle has given great incentives for food and beverage companies to develop a variety of everyday consumer products and increase their national and international reach in the process. This has resulted in companies rapidly investing in infrastructure which has led to the creation of thousands of jobs across the country. Hiring in the FMCG sector is an ongoing process and organizations look to seek help from the top FMCG recruitment agencies to develop an astounding talent pool for the present as well as future hiring requirements. Challenges such as lack of skilled workers, retaining existing employees, etc can be effectively addressed by an experienced recruitment partner.

Saiva System India: A Reliable Recruitment Partner For FMCG Companies

Saiva System India specializes in the recruitment of permanent as well as interim professionals for national and international FMCG, consumer products and consumer services businesses. As a pioneer among FMCG recruitment companies, we have the significant experience of matching high-caliber employees with your best job openings. Our reach and depth for handling large scale recruitment projects can be assessed with the help of our mass recruitment or bulk-hiring services. At Saiva System India, our dedicated professionals can take complete control of your recruitment process and manage risk, enabling you to employ the best talents sourced from the nation.