Retail Industry In India

The Retail Industry has emerged as one of the most popular and fast-developing sectors of the Indian economy. The retail sector employs more than 8% of the country’s population and contributes more than 10% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The emerging retail companies and retail-chain giants have made their presence felt almost everywhere, be it a highly modern and developed city like Delhi or small towns spread across remote locations in the country. The act of buying and selling of stationery items, grocery, toiletries, cosmetics, apparels, etc. is a regular phenomenon which witnesses transactions worth billions of dollars every day. The significant improvement in purchasing power and with the rise in consumerism, organizations based in the retail sector are eyeing big to expand through new and bigger retail outlets.

Business expansion in this sector translates to the need for companies to rapidly hire the right employees in a short span of time. In this fierce competition for talent, the retail giants of India can be seen competing with each other for hiring and retaining their top employees. A retail staffing agency can help retail enterprises by hiring for multiple profiles ranging from store managers to market research analysts. Such candidates are diligently sourced to meet your manpower expectations.

Rising Role Of Retail Recruitment Agencies In The Retail Sector

Government initiatives and tax exemptions have given great incentives and opportunities for a retail company to grow and expand its operations across the country. New retail outlets are opening every day in shopping malls and other commercial locations. This fast and rapid expansion has created major recruitment needs as well as challenges that need to be resolved in a short span of time. As a result, more and more retail companies have looked to partner with retail recruitment agencies to hire top talents. The consultancies have a huge database of retail professionals ranging from retail sales executives to highly experienced retail store managers. A retail recruitment consultant has valuable industry knowledge which makes it a highly trust-worthy and reliable recruitment partner. They have a dedicated team of recruiters who can scan multiple resumes and effectively conduct initial interview rounds to strengthen your recruitment process. Retail recruitment specialists are known to offer flexible and scalable workforce solutions. This means that when your retail company grows, your recruitment partner would be more than willing to scale its services to meet your increased requirements.


Saiva System India: Proven Workforce Solutions For Retail Enterprises

Saiva System India has a proven track record of delivering contingent workforce and retail staffing solutions for the entire retail supply chain industry. We are known for our highly customized hiring solutions across multiple retail enterprises. Our efforts are always undertaken with the intention to streamline your business operations and reduce staffing costs. We understand that the retail sector is full of hustle and bustle and our recruitment services can help you ramp up for busy seasons, pop-ups and new store openings. By partnering with us, you can focus on your core business activities while we assume the responsibility of sourcing and screening talent. Our recruitment professionals have the caliber to find top-tier talent even in the most challenging geographies.